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Fifth event

Dubai-GTUG was very proud to have Mr. Allahbaksh Assadullah from Bangalore-GTUG as guest speaker. Mr. Assadullah gave an introductory lecture on Google Web Toolkit (GWT).

Around 30 developers attended the event where Mr. Assadullah explained the need for GWT and the competitive advantage over other web development technologies. Then Mr Assadullah showed the attendees some of best practices and several examples on GWT and HTML and how to use both in creating rich web experience. The lecture lasted for around 2 hours.

In addition to that, Mr. Saad Kayyali teld us about his experience at Google I/O conference, and he showed us a brief demonstration on Google TV one of the latest Google products.

a brief discussion panel was conducted and the main topic was about Google+, its advantages over other social media platforms, and if it's really Facebook killer or not?

CNN Arabic covered the event, and posted a great report on their website. Please view the video report here.

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We would like to thank our sponsor " Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Dubai Campus". Without their continuous support, having suc
h great event won't be possible.

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