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Second Event

So Dubai-GTUGers were all ready and set-up to attend their second Dubai-GTUG event!! 60 Google lover gathered together to discuss technology and showed their admire to the different technologies offered by Google.

The event started with an introduction to Dubai-GTUG where Yasser Al-Jundi explained to the attendees the importance of having a GTUG in the region, and showed how they could participate and be part of GTUG global community.

Then Osama Al-Koky shared with audience some useful tips on how Gmail can make the e-mail experience efficient and easy. After that, Osama over-viewed some Google technologies such as GWT, App Engine and Chrome extensions. The audience showed a lot of interest in these technologies, specially in the Q&A session after the presentation.

After a small break, Saad Kayyali drove us through the evolution of Android OS, and stated the amazing features Android has, and how it made a revolution in the market of smartphones.

Please find below the presentations. please view, share and reuse them and the most important thing, give us your feedback =)

After the session, light snacks were served and the networking session just started!! People ate, chatted and had good time.   

The event's feedback form is enclosed here (right side bar), we would love to hear from you, whether you attended the event or not. Please let us know how can we have a better event, and how could you participate with us :)

Dubai-GTUG next event is on Monday 21st of March at RIT University. Please visit the event's(soon) page for more details.




Introduction to Dubai GTUG    

Yasser Al-Jundi

Useful Tips for Gmail

Osama Al-Koky

Overview of some Google technologies

Osama Al-Koky

Introduction to Android OS

Saad Kayyali

Introduction to Android Development

Yasser Al-Jundi


GTUG 2nd event feedback form