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Third Event (Hack 4 Japan)

Google Came to Dubai!! Dubai-GTUG was very proud and honored to have Adam (Google SV), Nicolas (Google Zurich) and Vic (Google NY) as the speakers at D-GTUG's third event. Around 60 people attended the event, interacted with each other and with our guests Googlers.

Three topics were discussed in the event:
  • Mobile development
  • App Engine 
  • Hackathon (Hack 4 Japan)
The event started with an introduction to mobile development, and how different Google technologies can be used in mobile development. The session was very interactive, and different demos were shown in the session.

After that, Google engineers spoke about Google App engine, and introduced App engine development to the attendees and showed several projects and applications that use App engine.

The third part, and the most interesting and interactive part, was the Hackathon. The attendees of the event were divided into groups, and they worked on a project dedicated to help people in Japan called Hack for Japan. Richard, Rhadwan and Abdalla were the winning team.

Who were the presenters?
Adam (Google Silicon Valley), Nicolas (Google-Zurich) and Vic (Google NY)

When: Monday 21st of March, 2011, 19:00-22:00

The event's feedback form is enclosed here (right side bar), we would love to hear from you, whether you attended the event or not. Please let us know how can we have a better event, and how could you participate with us :)