What is GTUG?

Please visit www.gtugs.org for more information about GTUG world wide.

How many GTUGs are there in the world?

More than 200 GTUGs

How many GTUGs are there in the Arab World?

10 Gtugs, and Dubai is the only one in the GCC region

What is Dubai-GTUG all about?

It's about meeting people with similar mindset who will help each other in exchanging experience and knowledge, and who will enjoy their time doing what they love.

Who could join Dubai-GTUG?

If you are a software developer, start-up, tech entrepreneur, student, academic, marketer or business owner looking to connect with Google technologies and you are residing in the United Arab Emirates you are most welcome to join us.

How can I join Dubai-GTUG?

It's easy all you need to do is to follow us on twitter, or like us on Facebook or add yourself to our google group.

How could I help Dubai-GTUG?

We do appreciate your help in many aspects, you could be part of our organizing committee, provide seminars or workshops, sponsor us, and many other tasks.

What activities do we have in Dubai-GTUG?

We will have plenty of workshops, seminars and competitions. In addition we might have one or two hackathons per year. Invited speakers from Google will join us in some of our events.

Third Event (FAQs)

Is the event open to anyone ?

If you are a software developer, start-up, tech entrepreneur, student or academic, this event is open to you. However, due to limited seats preferences will be given to people with development experiences.

Please note that you need to receive an official invitation after you have registered online - if you have not received an invitation, you can't show up, unfortunately (we don't have seats for everyone, sorry).

Can I show up on the day of the event even if I did not register or if I did not receive an invitation email after I registered ?

Unfortunately not. We have limited seating capacity, so please do not show up on the days of the event. We will not be able to let you in.

If I can't make it, how do I cancel ?

For cancellations, please use the e-mail that was provided in your invitation email. 

We'd really appreciate your letting us know so we can make room for someone else.

Should I prepare before coming to the event?

It's highly recommended to bring your laptop, but it's not mandatory.

What will be the difficulty level of the presentations?

The presentations will be of intermediate/advanced level.

What is the attire for the event ?

Come as you are !

Will refreshments be provided?

Some drinks will be provided, but as the sessions are either morning or afternoon, there will not be a lunch.

Where can I find copies of presentations?

We'll post presentations on the agenda pages online after the event.

Are you charging for the Workshop?

No, it's free. And you'll get some free snacks as well !

Will I receive additional information for the event ?

As the dates get closer, we'll post more information about the Workshop, in addition check our FAQs as we will be updating it frequently.